Trigger Events for Data Collection

I will use current examples to outline what a trigger event for upcoming economic activity could be.

    To begin, we can look at recent news, we should remember that what we are looking for is news which will help us predict economic possibilities in the future.
The rising interest of Israeli migration to Berlin, for example, is significant enough information to help us attempt to piece together possibilites for the future.

    A recent Facebook page launched in Hebrew on how to move from Israel to Germany, Berlin to be exact, has reached around 600,000 people in a week. With slogans like "Let's ascend to Berlin" and Israeli bands describing Berlin as the "Jerusalem of Gold" and pretending they have a yearning for  a "Reichstag of Peace, euro and light".
Using this, we can see that the call for a migration from Israel to Berlin, Germany is not only a serious one but one that has a high possibility of happening.

Why can this be seen as having a high probability of occuring?

1. The nature of the people of Israel happens to be that they will constantly move anywhere in the world where it is cheapest to live, this can be backed up by historical migration data.

2. The people of Germany have been constantly bombarded with guilt about their country's past in regards to their assumed treatments of jews, along with the global opinions created by the Israelis against Germany after the war, will make it impossible for Germany and its people to stop Israeli migration to Germany.

    So we can assume that if the Israelis happen to decide to migrate, by their will it will happen without friction. From this we can then examine Berlin and the impact of such a significant economic event after it occurs using various different techniques and historical data.
Once we are satisfied with our prediction of what will happen and how we are to invest should the economic event occur, all we have to do is wait until the second trigger event - this would be the actual migration - and invest according to our predictions.

Remember that your predictions must also be updated periodically to include other economic events which you were not tracking or anticipating to ensure that you have your best prediction possible.

I wish everyone happy hunting out there and please feel free to leave any comments below! :)


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