Hewlett-Packard has decided to rebrand its PC-and-printer business as Hewlett-Packard Enterprise to allow it to focus on servers, cloud computing, and big data.
-Consider the current market, with rivals like Google, Microsoft etc., when considering the value of HP and the value added of HP Enterprise as a competitor of existing server, cloud and data companies.

Samsung made an announcement that profit in its third quarter had been halved from the previous year's period.
-Samsung's lack of reaction to competition and increasingly saturated cellphone markets will prove to be difficult for the company.

Facebook finished its takeover of WhatsApp, the deal is valued at $21.8 billion, around $3 billion more since it's announcement in February. This is seen in the increase of the price of Facebook's shares, which are being paid out to WhatsApp's investors. The number of people using WhatsApp has also risen, to about 600million monthly active users.
-Imagine if these companies were providing some real value to people for all this money, instead they are paid to distract people or get their attention and get them to buy things. On the other hand these are great investments as people will continue to get lazier and more distracted. Also facebook has the potential to develop better ways of Advertising to people and doing Market Research, which is great for profitability. 

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