Perspective Change

    From my perspective, a trader is simply a different form of hunter - although his prey is no longer of a physical nature. This modern hunter sees predicted volatility itself as his prey, he will see data and information as his best means of reaching his prey. Just like a real hunter, the trader will wait and calculate his moves carefully, knowing that he must be in complete control of the situation, for any regrettable mistake on his part can result in financial death.
The investor, a similiar breed of human, is a form of warrior and just like the hunter - he no longer faces a physical battle against his enemies.
The only competition a real hunter faces is other hunters, and their only fear is that someone else will get their prey before them.

    The warrior is different, he faces his enemies head-on, his competition is a warrior on the opposing side of battle. The fear a warrior creates, therefore, is that his opposition might be stronger. 
These concepts of hunters and warriors going out and fighting for their survival has largely been preserved through the financial world. At the same time, due to the structure of the world and of societies, this savage realm has become more civilized and has given the fighters more freedom of choice in the opportunities which they want to pursue. Opportunities, themselves, have become more frequent, variable in their appearance, and have also given people the ability to profit on their own terms. This allowed hunters and warriors to pick up better and more sophisticated tools to carry out their jobs with more efficiency and harmony.
What seperates the hunters from the warriors and everyone else in the financial and physical world? To put it simply, it is the perspective of each that differentiates them from the rest.
In order to understand this, we must look at how people and things come to be in respect to what they are defined as.

    If I were to tell you that I am indeed a warrior, there is a possibility that I might be, if I am able to convince everyone that I am in fact a warrior and everyone were to believe this to be true, then indeed I really am a warrior regardless of whether or not I actually do warrior things. This remains true for everything in life.

    Now to get to my final point, I want you to imagine what a common enemy is to all civilized life - it happens to be its opposite, that is uncivilized life.
Many people believe we have rid the world of barbarians, we can define a barbarian as an uncivilized creature which seeks to cause harm to everything around it for the sole reason of it being uncivilized, that is it will even refuse to cooperate with anything even if it was beneficial to do so simply because of its uncivilized nature.
When we examine the financial world, we are able to see that the barbarian mindset is still present, yet they have become smarter, they are able conceal their true intentions and therefore make it difficult to recognize their behavior as uncivilized.
A true modern barbarian will have the appearance of a perfectly civilized person while his true nature is the exact opposite.
A financial barbarian will go so far as to even create media outlets in order to feed people disinformation, but it will be disguised as information, the information given by a financial barbarian will have the appearnace of being useful, and it probably even will be useful. It will be useful to the extent that everyone who subscribes to the information flow will continue to be subscribed and nothing more. The information will be manipulated in a way for the barbarian to claim as much profit as possible, at the expense of everyone else's profits, while being disguised as being the opposite.

    Today's world makes it difficult for people to simply go out and kill any barbarians which are causing other people harm. But that does not mean that there is no possible way for everyone to protect themselves from a financial barbarian's wrath, he can only harm us if we allow for him to harm us.
    My best advice for protection is to always remember to cross-check all the information that you are using for trading, if one source consistently seems to be off from all other sources then perhaps it might be best to re-examine the legitimacy of the source and to figure out whether the information you are being fed could possibly have been manipulated for barbaric reasons.

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