Politics & War

America believes that the air strikes carried out on the Syrian-Kurdish town of Kobane were not enough save it from falling to the Islamic State. They claim that the jihadists are stepping up their three-week assualt on a strategic town on the border near Turkey.
-To know who the enemy is, you have to see it from both sides. To know why there is conflict, you need access to full unbiased information and the ability to process it

Students protestors in Hong Kong to hold talks with government officials. The government has yet to offer concessions in the face of continuous street protests since late September.
-Only the lazy would support a deficit government in exchange for hand outs, and only the stupid will believe it can create a sustainable and equitable society

Indian and Pakistani troops skirmished over the border in Kashmir. This left 17 civilians deads, even more wounded, and everyone else confused as eash side has blamed the other for the several days of fighting.
-This is really what happens in the world, it is unfortunate and a little bit funny but smart traders/investors will know how to use information from these events to predict future economic activity 

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