Planning, Faith and Optimism

Today, I want to remind people of the importance of building yourself mentally, spiritually and physically to be prepared for success in life.
If you want something in life, you must be willing to plan it out and work for it somehow. It does not matter what kind of work it is or how you are going to achieve your goals. Even having a broad plan which is not fully defined will get you further than no plan at all.

Think about the people most consider lucky, who appear to have had opportunities handed to them. While it may not seem like it, they did work for it somehow, being prepared for an opportunity mentally is a lot of work. Consider what it is like when you are upset, mad or frustrated, it is a lot of work to get your mind out of its negative spiral and this in itself is work to do so.
Whether you are a trader, investor or even a worker earning minimum wage, you have to remember that if you want something, you must be willing to work for it, you must make it your desire to get what you want and be happy to do everything it takes to fulfill your desire.

If you are a trader, you must be willing to work on your patience, perseverance and most of all you must learn to trust yourself. As a trader, you can not rely on others to show you how to trade and make money because that is what other traders also want and they will help you gain some money if it is going to help them earn even more money. Just remember, there is always a chance for anything, this chance becomes an opportunity when you are prepared for it.

As an investor, you must learn to use your money in a way that is most beneficial for the economy. To allocate resources in a way that can be truly considered an investment, investors who build the trust of the public by investing in a better future for all will reap yields far beyond an investor who uses his money to make a quick profit can even dream of. Just remember, there is always a chance for anything, this chance becomes an opportunity when you are prepared for it.

As a worker, you must rely on the fact that your work will be rewarded. It may be difficult at times to remain optimistic when it may seem that your earnings are always based on what someone wants to give you. This is not the reality of the situation, though, what you earn is proportional related to what you are willing to do to earn. If you are willing to persevere through applying hundreds or even thousands of times, through all the rejections necessary, through learning and improving yourself in a way that will make it impossible for anyone to reject you any longer then and only then will you get exactly what you want. Just remember, there is always a chance for anything, this chance becomes an opportunity when you are prepared for it.

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