Update on the World (09/30/2015)

When considering the refugee crisis which is happening worldwide, one must consider where they will all go and when they go there what effect are they likely to have on the economy and politics of that area.

There are some interesting developments politically in Germany.
Below are links to news which can help paint a partial picture of the situation.

Germans mobilising against migrants (Groups labelled "Far-Right"): Active: http://goo.gl/7vmjbr Archived: https://goo.gl/kLyNzD

Over 15,000 people join in a march with PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) (GermanPatriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes) 

Number of attacks on refugee shelters double in Germany (police report):
Active: http://goo.gl/2F8HTO  Archived: https://goo.gl/vfC1l4 
Extra: https://goo.gl/zPMgFz     https://goo.gl/Rfdt8u     https://goo.gl/7F06jJ

German Finance and Economy

Axel Springer SE Buys 88% of Business Insider for $343 Million
The company's corporate principles are very pro-Israel/Jewish and supportive of the USA . This is be interesting how business insider news will be effected because of this and how these values will be reflected in the reporting under this new ownership.

Volkswagen Scandal: https://goo.gl/QRRzfD     https://goo.gl/vMrhG3
Stock Market  https://goo.gl/sHK7rr
CNBC gives its fear-mongering news of an upcoming collapse; the (STOXX) 600 Index and Dax Index (GDAXI) have since made rebounds.

Detailed German Statistics


Detailed Update on Canada with regards to the TPP

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